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Blast in Bangalore..

Posted by jakku on July 25, 2008

Just got info about blast in bangalore… 
First i got message as 3.. then 5,6 and now 7….

Most of the networks down…

Please tack care..

More news here….


2 Responses to “Blast in Bangalore..”

  1. Hariharan said

    Dear Sir,

    The series of blasts is Bangalore follows the Jaipur Blast and bopmbing of Indian embassy in Afghanistan.

    This clearly shows that certain envious neighbours have joined hands speaheaded by Pakistan to destablise peace and sense of security in India.This is to affect the
    growth momentum and the growing importance of India in International scene.Unlike in the past when words were not matched with action, Government should take aggressive steps and stern actiions against the culprits.

    This is the time when we all Indian citizen should stand united in condemning the ulterior motive of those behind the blasts and not allow any religion or communal differences to creep in.


  2. jakku said

    News says that all are low intensity boams.. one killed.. dont panic..

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