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Happy Xmas and New year

Posted by jakku on December 25, 2006

xmas wishes


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Me and web page

Posted by jakku on December 23, 2006

I started using internet frequently only after joining engineering in SSN. Before that I go to browsing center rarely. Internet facility was not there in my town(Sattur). Only a couple of centers, that too will not function properly. Then after joining in SSN internet facility is available all over the campus even in hostel rooms. Must say thanks to the management committee of SSN. There was a computer center for browsing during college timing and evening lab till 8 pm online book access in library.. I don’t have a PC at that time. I often go to the browsing center in free hours with friends some times even in class timings.

I was a member of the class committee during my third sem. There was a class committee meeting and I have to attend that. In that meeting my dept[EEE] HOD Prof B.L.Mathur said that every engineering student must have a personal home page. During that time there was no web page for EEE dept in college server. If one goes to college website and click EEE it will go the geocities site of my HOD created by him.[Don’t know what is the reason for this, I think it is for easy updating] Information’s such as unit test marks, attendance, notes, about dept will be available there. Then I started to develop a my home page. Initially I don’t know how to create. Started with geocities. Then searched web and created one on maxpages, then developed one on freewebs. Freewebs site was pretty good than the previous one. It gives 30mb free space. Seven pages can be created in free account with not more than seven paragraphs per page. Maintained this site for some months. After that came to know about googlepages and tried one. Felt comfort in creating and editing. Google pages is very good for those who don’t know any designing language.[for me too. I don’t know any language] and finally now blog. Will create one good website that will be useful for Electrical Electrical Engineers in future. This is my long term plan. Mostly will start when I finish engineering. I am happy that some of my friends started creating their home page on seeing mine!!

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Bye bye Sattur !

Posted by jakku on December 22, 2006

Jakku now @ Rajapalayam !

Now family shifted to Rajapalayam. This place is not new to me, some of my relatives are here. Already i have visited this place. Very good place, lot of textile mills, some hills, falls, few relatives and many friends… [Dog :)].. Rajapalayam dog is famous.. I have only one friend here.. Aravind.. my diploma class mate. he too now not in India. Hope will meet him when he comes back. Only problem is, i dont have train frequently from chennai.. only one train Thenkasi express.. that too only three days in a week.

I came to know about one popular figure kuwait Raja who is doing many public service. Will try to collect more info and put it here.

Caunt forget the life at sattur. Many new experience especially as Secretary of Sattur V.C puram jaycess now name changed as Sattur matches city Jaycess..

Anyway enjoying at new place…

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Comprehension Exam

Posted by jakku on November 9, 2006

Today i had comprehension exam (the most awaited exam). Went to class by 7.50 was surprised to see the class was full and all were seriously studying for the exam[Usually my class will not be like this] . Then i started revising the answers for the question bank that was prepared by myself and my friends as a team effort. We all were discussing about the answers for the questions for the past three or four days. At last we came out with many answers but there was still some questions left out. I have posted the answers here and here in previous post. Exam started by 9(not exactly). Was happy to see the question paper. All the questions were discussed in class by Prof M.C.V sir and prof Mathur. I was almost present for many classes except a few, so answered almost all the questions except four. Will get good marks.

And now how to study for comp exam?(My suggestion)

There is no text book for this paper. This paper is taken only by experienced staffs and professors. So attending classes regularly is the best way to prepare. No other extra preperation needed. Try to solve some questions from question bank in group. Group study will be better than individual.

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University practicals

Posted by jakku on November 8, 2006

I had university lab yesterday(7th) Power system simulation lab. I was on second batch. Went to college by 8. Then chatted with friends(Vijay venki, Veera, Vickram, Jegan and Vjay srinivas) Lot of Actor Bala’s fight were discussed :)(Telegu actor) Here is a sample. Then went to lab by 10. Not bad, Got output for Matlab and Mipower. C partial output. A3,A2 and B1. Dont know what this grade are, I think A3 is 26 marks and A2 is 28 marks. (Got this marks in model lab). External was from SRR engineering college. Viva as usuall managed. Hope will get some 85+

With the help of Vijay venkatesh and some other friends i am creatind a page for comprehension questions and answers now. Thanks to Vijay and other friends(Bullet,Madan and team)

Today I forget to wish my friend Joel Joseph(Our dept President). He celebrates his Birthdy tody[How i forget this????? Actually yesterday i slept by 10.3 itself]


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How I started this blog?

Posted by jakku on October 14, 2006

I came to know about blog only before some eight months. At that time I was interested in developing a personal web site. So I didn’t take any steps to start a blob. Then I was involved in SSNLUN activities. There we used to conduct some seminars and guest lectures. I came to visit the blogs of the guests. It was really good. They used to update it daily. Then I decided to start a blog for me. Just started and left it, didn’t post anything.[Because I don’t know to postJ] Then I got help from my friend Srikanth and now this is my first post. Will continue posting and this is my history behind this blog.

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Treat for the success of Eupraxia 06

Posted by jakku on October 14, 2006

Today there was a treat for the success of our dept technical symposium – Eupraxia 06 @ Dhabba Express. Since I am in hostel me and my friends in hostel started by 12. We reached there by almost 1.50. Actually we were late (Sorry friends:)). Most of my class boys and a few girls(ony 3) were already there. We waited for some time since some friends were on their way. Then we had a nice food and enjoyed there. After food we took some snaps and planned to go for Freezone. My friend Vijay Srinivas took me there in his bike[Thank you], some 5 min travel from Dhabba. Then we enjoyed Ice cream 🙂 and lot of kalata. Shesha tasted all Ice cream:( Then time to say bye to all. I came back to hostel by eight.


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