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A free ride on Elevated Highway – Bangalore

Posted by jakku on January 27, 2010

A long wait come to end. I have been seeing the highway construction for the last two years when i came Bangalore first. It was about 30% completed at that time. The 9.5km Elevated highway (India’s longest elevated highway) from Bhommanahalli to Electronic city is open to public.
I started from my office in Electronic city, took elevated highway by 6.03pm and reached Bhommanahalli by 6.10pm ! Yes ! It took just 7 min in my bike. And to add more sugar to the news, Its a free ride! The Tool plaza is not yet in operation. Go take your free ride until then. As expected there was much traffice in Bhommanahalli. Vehiles started lining up in the elevated highway.
Here is the time stamp.
6.03  – Took Elevated highway from E city
6.10  – Reached Bhommanahalli
6.20 – Silk board
6.25 – My house in HSR layout
This does not help much in reducing my commutaion time because i take a different route (Byepassing Silk board) which almost take 30 min to reach home. I would not pay the tool charge and reduce 10 min. But still Electronic city to Bhommanahalli in 7min is a great news to many people.
For more info on Elevated highway in bagalore, visit
Elevated highway is 4 lane. Now this brings a total of 14 lanes on Hosur road. 5 towards hosur + 5 towards Bangalore and 4 on elevated way. Whenerver i see the elevated highway, this is what that come to my mind. Why dont they make it an Elevated train line and then add it to the bangalore metro rail system insted of road way. This will bring sustainable transport system. Environment friendly ! What you say on this?
Wrote this post on the day highway is opened and posting it now.

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  1. mani said

    nice post da…

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