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Me and web page

Posted by jakku on December 23, 2006

I started using internet frequently only after joining engineering in SSN. Before that I go to browsing center rarely. Internet facility was not there in my town(Sattur). Only a couple of centers, that too will not function properly. Then after joining in SSN internet facility is available all over the campus even in hostel rooms. Must say thanks to the management committee of SSN. There was a computer center for browsing during college timing and evening lab till 8 pm online book access in library.. I don’t have a PC at that time. I often go to the browsing center in free hours with friends some times even in class timings.

I was a member of the class committee during my third sem. There was a class committee meeting and I have to attend that. In that meeting my dept[EEE] HOD Prof B.L.Mathur said that every engineering student must have a personal home page. During that time there was no web page for EEE dept in college server. If one goes to college website and click EEE it will go the geocities site of my HOD created by him.[Don’t know what is the reason for this, I think it is for easy updating] Information’s such as unit test marks, attendance, notes, about dept will be available there. Then I started to develop a my home page. Initially I don’t know how to create. Started with geocities. Then searched web and created one on maxpages, then developed one on freewebs. Freewebs site was pretty good than the previous one. It gives 30mb free space. Seven pages can be created in free account with not more than seven paragraphs per page. Maintained this site for some months. After that came to know about googlepages and tried one. Felt comfort in creating and editing. Google pages is very good for those who don’t know any designing language.[for me too. I don’t know any language] and finally now blog. Will create one good website that will be useful for Electrical Electrical Engineers in future. This is my long term plan. Mostly will start when I finish engineering. I am happy that some of my friends started creating their home page on seeing mine!!


2 Responses to “Me and web page”

  1. it starts like that.and when u get a proper connection u will rock.Just keep the fire alive

  2. jakku said

    @ Ashish motha

    Sure will do it.. Thanks

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