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Posted by jakku on November 12, 2006

I have been using meebo for more that six months. I have given here some information about meebo. meebo is a website for instant messging. One can use meebo to send IM with their Yahoo, Gmail, MSN, aim, icq, jabber usernames. Now the question comes about privacy and security. Check out this. You can also create your meebo ID. Meebo was launched in sep 2005 and now more than 60 million instant messages are sent daily. Picture below gives the meebo traffic around the world on 12.11.06 by 1 pm.[info from]

Meebo traffic

Why i like meebo?

– One need not install any software to send IM

– Meebo is fast [what i feel]

– Can be used in any system with a browser installed [I use meebo @ college and Lab to send IM:)]

– Group chat is available

Here are some links:

To send IM

meebo blog

Meebo forum


2 Responses to “Meebo”

  1. jessicaber said

    I have meebo on my website, but I have never used it. Do you have meebo? Could you try iming me something?

  2. jessicaber said

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