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Comprehension Exam

Posted by jakku on November 9, 2006

Today i had comprehension exam (the most awaited exam). Went to class by 7.50 was surprised to see the class was full and all were seriously studying for the exam[Usually my class will not be like this] . Then i started revising the answers for the question bank that was prepared by myself and my friends as a team effort. We all were discussing about the answers for the questions for the past three or four days. At last we came out with many answers but there was still some questions left out. I have posted the answers here and here in previous post. Exam started by 9(not exactly). Was happy to see the question paper. All the questions were discussed in class by Prof M.C.V sir and prof Mathur. I was almost present for many classes except a few, so answered almost all the questions except four. Will get good marks.

And now how to study for comp exam?(My suggestion)

There is no text book for this paper. This paper is taken only by experienced staffs and professors. So attending classes regularly is the best way to prepare. No other extra preperation needed. Try to solve some questions from question bank in group. Group study will be better than individual.


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