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University practicals

Posted by jakku on November 8, 2006

I had university lab yesterday(7th) Power system simulation lab. I was on second batch. Went to college by 8. Then chatted with friends(Vijay venki, Veera, Vickram, Jegan and Vjay srinivas) Lot of Actor Bala’s fight were discussed :)(Telegu actor) Here is a sample. Then went to lab by 10. Not bad, Got output for Matlab and Mipower. C partial output. A3,A2 and B1. Dont know what this grade are, I think A3 is 26 marks and A2 is 28 marks. (Got this marks in model lab). External was from SRR engineering college. Viva as usuall managed. Hope will get some 85+

With the help of Vijay venkatesh and some other friends i am creatind a page for comprehension questions and answers now. Thanks to Vijay and other friends(Bullet,Madan and team)

Today I forget to wish my friend Joel Joseph(Our dept President). He celebrates his Birthdy tody[How i forget this????? Actually yesterday i slept by 10.3 itself]



One Response to “University practicals”

  1. joel said

    hey man ! thank you !

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